Trishan Metals Pvt Ltd (Formerly Walzen Steel (India) Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of cold rolled Low, Medium & High Carbon steel strips in India. Established in the year 1996, TMPL is guided by technically proficient, professional and forward looking management who strive to be the market leaders by providing high quality cold rolled Low, Medium & High Carbon steel coils at industry best prices. 

We believe in constantly improving our processes and achieving consistently precise results in the manufacturing of cold rolled steel strips and in our advanced Rolling Mill.

It is ensured that cold rolled spring steel strips is produced with the following Quality Norms:

1. Exact dimensional stability and restricted tolerances

2. Annealing with maximum accuracy

3. Cutting and Edge formation in the best possible manner for consistent workability

4. Good forming properties, close range of tensile strength

We offer top quality cold rolled, cold rolled low alloy, medium and high carbon steel strips.
We are equipped with in-house precision lab with latest and modern chemical, physical and metallurgical testing equipments where our R&D personnel keep on working and developing the new ways and means of improving product quality.

Our Mission

We aim to lead the market and establish our brand to greater heights with a global vision, high quality of our products and deliver greater business and social values to our partners in the venture and society as a whole.

Our Vision

Todays Global Market Dynamics dictate that customers need partners who excel in technology and also deliver a holistic impact on their business. Customers want full service strategic business partners with comprehensive multi dimensional expertise and ability to identify, comprehend and solve their problems with integrated solutions. We have anticipated these market changes and positioned our company as an agile, accountable and adaptable organisation organized in modular customer centric unit. This design helps us constantly to sharpen and grow our competencies. Our customers, business partners and our stakeholders recognize our growing expertise in many disciplines. Our industry\\\\\\\'s leading capabilities, customer focus and agile structure helped us stay closer to our customer. We remain uniquely positioned to help our customers enter new markets and segments faster.