1. HR Slitter Slitting capacity upto 1800mm width

  • Can slit upto 5.5 mm thickness
  • Capacity 180,000 Tons P.A.


2. Pickling Line

HCL pickling line with a capacity of 180,000 tons per annum. The process entails oxide scales from the surface of the hot rolled coil.


  • Works on push-pull technology for better 
surface finish
  • Scale breaking & pre wash facility
  • Online trimming facility
  • Thickness Range:1.6-5.5 mm,Width 
Range: 300-1540mm


3. 4-Hi Cold Rolling Mill

Pickled and oiled coils are rolled to desired thickness.


  • Automated gauge control
  • Automated shape control from ABB, Sweden
  • Absolutely flat surface with minimum edge drop
  • Thickness Range: 0.20mm-5.00mm, 
Width Range:400 mm(max)


5. Bell Annealing Furnace

(Supplied by Seco Warwick Allied Furnaces)

To obtain the grain structure and improve mechanical properties. The strip is annealed at an elevated temperature in a reducing atmosphere.


  • Hydrogen & Nitrogen annealing
  • Superior surface cleanliness
  • EDD & IF steel can be produced successfully with an R bar value of 2.1 and above


6. 2-Hi Skin Pass Mill

Skin pass helps in slight thickness reduction to restore desired temper. Achieves desired surface roughness (Matte, Bright) as per customer specifications.


  • Electrostatic oiler enhances the corrosion protection of steel strip even during prolonged storage
  • Thermo fisher, thickness gauge have also been installed to provide closer thickness tolerances throughout the coil
  • Thickness range: 0.20-5.0 mm, Width Range:400 mm(max)


7. CR Slitter

CR Slitter cuts the coil to customized width.


  • It produces burr free edges with controlled winding tension
  • It is also equipped with automatic packaging to avoid surface contamination arising out of manual handling
  • Thickness range: 0.20-3.0mm, Width Range : 400 mm (max)


8. Cut to Length(CTL)

CTL provides the coil in sheet form.


  • Table top flatness upto 5 micron correction suitable for application in white goods.
  • Auto Levelling
  • Thickness range:0.20-4.0mm, Width Range: 400 mm (max)


10. R & D Lab

  • R-bar tester
  • Microscope
  • Hardness Tester