Carbon Steel Strips

Trishan Metals Pvt one of the biggest manufacturers of low, medium, high carbon steel strips & steel coils in India. Carbon steel strips are the steel strips where the main alloying constituent is carbon. Carbon steel is defined as the steel when no minimum content is specified or required for chromium, cobalt, columbium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium or zirconium, or any other element to be added to obtain a desired alloying effect; when the specified minimum for copper does not exceed 0.40 percent; or when the maximum content specified for any of the following elements does not exceed the percentages noted: manganese 1.65, silicon 0.60, copper 0.60. Steel strips with a low carbon content have properties similar to iron. As the carbon content rises, the steel strips become harder and stronger but less ductile and more difficult to weld. In general, higher carbon content lowers the melting point and their temperature resistance. Carbon content influences the yield strength of steel strips because carbon atoms fit into the interstitial crystalline lattice sites of the body-centered cubic (BCC) arrangement of the iron atoms. The interstitial carbon reduces the mobility of dislocations, which in turn has a hardening effect on the iron. To get dislocations to move, a high enough stress level must be applied in order for the dislocations to "break away". This is because the interstitial carbon atoms cause some of the iron BCC lattice cells to distort.

Low Carbon Steel Strips

Low carbon steel strips are the most common form of steel strips because their price is relatively low while it provides material properties that are acceptable for many applications. Low carbon steel coils contains approximately 0.05–0.15% carbon therefore it is neither brittle nor ductile. They have a relatively low tensile strength, but they are cheap and malleable; surface hardness can be increased through carburizing. Manganese is often added to improve the hardenability of low carbon steel strips.

Medium Carbon Steel Strips

Medium carbon steel strips contains approximately 0.30–0.59% carbon content. This balances ductility and strength and has good wear resistance. Thus medium carbon steel coils are used for forging and automotive components.

High Carbon Steel Strips

High carbon steel strips are the steel strips which can successfully undergo heat-treatment & have approximately 0.6–0.99% carbon content. High carbon steel coils are very strong and are used for springs and high-strength wires.